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Developing From Brussels

I’m a Brussels-based developer and designer. I craft slick websites and web applications using react mostly. If you need a content management system (CMS), no big deal, I combine wordpress with react or vue to give you the best of both worlds, a site you can update at will and a blazing fast mobile-friendly modern website. We can also discuss about progressive web app or static site generator if that suits your need better.



I apply design principles all the way until the actual coding.

WebApp vs Website

If your digital project needs « to do » something i.e. calculate the cost of a recipe, generate document, save user inputs, etc, it is a web app, Otherwise it’s a website.

UX/UI Design

My academic background in visual arts and the use of design principles enables me to create a user interface that’s a great match with the spirit of your project.

Progressive Web App

With this recent standard, your project will benefit from an app-like version and experience of your website without having to publish on the appstore/playstore.


Best restaurants have small Menu

Static Website

From 1490€

vat excl.

Custom Design

Blazing Fast and Lightweight

Cheap Hosting

Website with regular updates

From 3490€

vat excl.

Based on WordPress

Custom theme

Blazing Fast

Dynamic Web Application

From 5490€

vat excl.

ReactJs Frontend

NodeJs Backend

MongoDB database


Why work with me?

I’m a generalist, my wide skillset and professional experience in communication, marketing, seo, graphic design, photography, video making, art, user experience, coding etc makes me a swiss-knife for fresh and budget limited but ambitious project.


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I usually dedicate from 2 to 4 months to each project. I’m currently available.


I currently work exclusively with Smart Contracts


Brussels but able to meet you anywhere in Belgium.

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